WOW! I usually do not take the time to write a review but I have to say never read someone else’s reviews and judge a business based off someone else. I have been coming here now for seven months and I feel like I need to tell everyone my experience. Laura who answered the phone was BEYOND helpful and such a delight! I was moving from another state and needed to establish a new doctor and I was able to get in around my time not the doctors time. (I love the flexibility they offer ) Laura called me to confirm my appt the day before and asked me if I had any questions and even asked about my move! ( No one ever stops to ask how people are these days!) When I arrived I was there 15 mins early and I was the only patient in the waiting area.

( I read reviews they over book there are over 8-10 people waiting which is a LIE!!!!) I was greeted by the Dr and we went over all my medically and past doctor visit. For privacy reasons I will not list why I was there but when I left I felt very comfortable with the staff and the Dr. I am going on my 8 month and I enjoy coming here. I never have any issues, I never wait more then I expect and the staff is amazing! I wanted to take my time to thank everyone!